How long will it take to file a return?

Filing a return with our store is an intuitively easy and fast process! Once you’ve found that the item you’ve had been delivered with is faulty or have broken under the warranty conditions, please contact our customer support department. That will be usually processed within 1 to 3 business days, with the whole process of you sending the return to us and us sending the replacement to you taking no more than 7 business days (within the US).

What is your warranty policy?

It’s important to understand, that the warranty is the thing that varies from brand to brand and from specific gadgets to another one… Usually, we never sell gadgets which have a warranty & servicing policy of less than 1 full year.

Are my credit card details stored safely?

There’s a major common misunderstanding about how does the checkout process by and large works with online retailers… Firstly, you never file your payment details to us directly. You always do it via us just as via a proxy between you and the Payment Gateway, which eventually processes the very payment. We’re working with the biggest Payment Gateway in the world – PayPal. Once you know that name, any questions about is it safe to hand them your billing information just disappear…